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Fri May 27 06:15:45 UTC 2016

When it comes to clearing activities there is either a "can not" or a "will
not"  or some sort of "must" or "must not" that stops or slows a person
dedicated to going clear. If chronic, and you can't enter a session with a
positive attitude, then these can be addressed as case and resolved and
then proceed with the correct clearing steps, putting an end to the
invalidation and self-invalidation, both.

John Galusha was the developer of Idenics, a clearing method which gets the
person to look into the eye of the hurricane (the "stopped time" that
Dennis speaks of) and see the decisions he worded to himself to solve a
present time problem. John G., as an auditor, experienced that sometimes a
person had a fixed and un-questioned decision that made him view himself as
ineffectual or made him view clearing (and all clearing practitioners) as
ineffectual. Hidden reasons behind stops or protests or slows re clearing
activities can get sorted out.

You got this far, even a toehold ... you can and you will clear your mind.

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