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Hello David,
do you know how consciousness get a body to live on this planet ? how is the exact sequence for consciousness to have a projection of itself into a body and be trapped in it?
for what I know when consciousness get a body it , get an heritage that is the sum of that genetic line past lives.
you don't know what is in the pot. years of dramatization life as a victim , maybe , maybe they unconsciously are dramatizing something their parents donate to him or her into the DNA as old programming.
Then there is another factor I came lately to know.
Humans are a biological life based on carbon-oxigen.All life based on carbon-oxigen generates biophotns according to F A Popp, and others (http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/biophotons-human-body-emits-communicates-and-made-light?page=1 ).That is an energy , called loosh ,  that some fourth dimension beings use as food.But some of these beings nurture on a particular kind of loosh , and that is the one mixed with emotion like fear,pain,terror. A non spiritual being , one with a low awareness and consciousness , can become a vehicle for these entities, to commit such crime so that these entities can feed on these cruelty.
Planet earth has been used for billions of years as a farm and we are human livestock ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vywi8q2rLYw )  ( http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/22/the-human-farm-and-the-cage-you-were-born-into/ )
To end I quote a frase from Alan C. Walter , he says that our path to full freedom is passing through layers of pain.
I hope I have given you some hints to you , in order to make your own research;
happy trimming
Il giorno 26/mag/2016, alle ore 18:45, trom-request at lists.newciv.org ha scritto:
> Does a small child postulate  his mother or and father to abuse him, call
> him a stupid idiot?
> Then slap the fuck out of him?
> Does a young female child postulate that her father start having sex with
> her at four or five years old and call her a fucking bitch?

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