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I don't remember !

I do have a question and statement.

*                                               Dennis - Level 5 done ?*
true to me than nearly any other datum that I have.   If Dennis finished
level 5,   was able to exit his viewpoint from the physical universe at
will like a light switch on or off,  Nirvana,  Native State,   his original
beingness,  etc.,   then why did he find it beneficial to create stronger
postulates to have bad eyesight than to create good eyesight during his
latter body years ??   ??    ??    ??   ??                    Why does this
barrier serve him so well in his parttime gamesmanship ?  You must have
freedoms,  goals,  and barriers to have any game according Lafayette Ronald
Hubbard.  While out the top,  to have a fun game,  why have a bad body;
that's no fun !!

Mystery upon question upon more mystery .

Aarre Peltomaa

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> Multiple times on this list I've came across people, some critics, some
> favorable, saying  that Dennis didn't complete his level 5 in Trom. Some
> even saying that he didn't ever had started it (L.5) - I think J. Methven
> says this in a post. That always seemed kind of wild and contradictory with
> the book itself.
> Is this explained in any of the Trom's available materials? And is there
> anything detailing Dennis' case evolution? I think I've read/listened to at
> least 90% of all of Trom's supplementary materials and I've never got
> anything that would clarify this subject.
> Plus, is there any reliable material explaining how Ron (LRH) developped
> his own case and all of his early insights (before he wrote dianetics)?
> I think anything relating to those subjects would be amazing reads.
> Marcus
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