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So very excellently stated !!
Aarre Peltomaa

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> Colleen here, and my skype is ATWTFG. Connect with me if you would like. I
> can ensure you are doing the practices correctly and perhaps ease your
> initiation into experiencing the effects - or "changes" that occur while
> doing the TROM practices.
> I do believe Dennis is correct that most people give up without doing
> suitable RI, plus it's hard to kick the habitual external ways of directing
> and satiating the mind because they often still seem so right and
> For example, in the Church of Scientology the message given to staff is
> that it is more important to save the world and thus the church than to
> spend time to save oneself (through auditing), and we willingly worked long
> hours towards that goal and never received the carrot of being able to sit
> in front of a competent auditor and get our own case forever resolved.
> Trom was the healing salve for the dis-illusioned idealist still believing
> there is a way to "Native State" and not willing to fall back into simply
> being a "model prisoner" on this planet. I wish trom to be here forever for
> those who wish to wake up and start asking questions about life and
> livingness. Studying and doing the TROM practices is a great way to begin
> to know what is really you apart from what you've merely adopted to be in
> the past, which is what the mind is composed of, and you are finally
> learning about working with and getting proper command power over that
> puppy :-)) Yes, after awhile of regular practice, your mind no longer seems
> like a no-man's-land planted with mine-fields, and you enjoy seeing it come
> apart, layer by layer, like a lamb. Yes, it actually "sits" when you tell
> it to sit and behaves like a well trained dog because you now have gained
> the mastery through routine practice.  Doing Level Two with lots of RI
> thrown in before-during-after will give you the hint of that possibility.
> You will be the only kid on the block with a well-trained mind-owner :-))
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