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Mon May 16 19:35:18 UTC 2016

Hi Dave

I've always had certain problems and I've tried various methods over the years.  A friend of mine, to whom I gave one of these methods, came back one day with TROM and said it was better than all the others.  Since I have ultimately failed to achieve...self control I guess, and since my friend has promised freedom within 3 months if I stick with the program, I became all ears.


How quickly you get results from TROM depends on how motivated you are.  I take a longer term approach by re-reading the materials multiple times and doing the processes "Repair of Importance" and "Timebreaking" on whatever shows up.

I spent many months puzzling out what the Level 5 chart meant before it started to make sense.

I started working with TROM in 2010 and am not "done" yet and am in no hurry to reach some end where I will stop doing the processes. Instead I have incorporated them as my First Aide kit for life's ups and downs while I search out the compulsive games I am playing and let go of those.

My goal is to play games voluntarily or not play games at my choosing and I am making good progress at that.

Keep on TROMing


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