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Thanks for the write up.   Also remember what Dennis said about what to do
if some level is giving too much trouble;  go back to an earlier level and
work on that.  Sometimes I think that I should perhaps go back to level 2
and have done so sometimes.  I don't seem to have much problem doing level
3,  but that concerns me,  because it seems to be too easy,  excepting that
I can't get great detail visually sometimes,  and definitely am not 'clear'
yet per Dianetics.
I know definitely that I'm not 'clear' per Dianetics,  so that I'm not
finished level 3 for sure.  My viewpoint also can't readily go through
walls, and see the other side through the wall  yet,  as described by
Dennis;  at least not like it would with using my eyes as the viewpoint.
(my eyes would be smashed if they went through the wall.  hahaha !)   Level
3 seems to run mundanely/lightly often, although enjoyably, and does
uniformly run for me,  so I suspect that I should check out level 2 again
to get what I can out of it.  Level 3 even seems to be boring sometimes,
without much happening,  so would anyone please advise on this.

My bugbear constantly is that life seems to be so hectic (busy) that I
don't get enough time to do TROM;  once I clear out by back emails,  it'll
also be easier.  It takes so much discipline to make a session happen,  but
I do have impromptu ones here or there throughout the day.

I also post very little these days,  because my time would be better spent
actually doing a TROM session,  rather than discussing it.  I don't have
any questions about what the 'ol' man Dennis said in the pack, and the
lectures;  I just need to pull myself up by my bootstraps,  and do more of

Thanks,  Aarre Peltomaa, (your loving hubby)

p.s.  I'm so proud to know you,  Colleen !    You are a rare and awesome
being,  like all the other TROMers are also.

p.p.s.  If anyone wishes to advise on my session observations,  please feel
free to do so.

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> Having Grade 2 delivered to me and at the same time reading about the IP
> state (Insanity Point) and Sensation  (01 Insanity and 02 Insanity).
> When I respond to the command or question I take a look and almost always
> see going through the IP and also the sensation of overwhelming another.
> Grade 2 and knowing the theory of the mind per TROM together help me to
> drop lifelong tendencies and habitual contentiousness.
> Several months ago I was having a great run with RI and Level 2 and then
> got heavily keyed in and dropped it and am now only reading the lectures,
> Grade 2, Sedona Method.   In a new unit of time shall regain lost footing
> on RI and Level 2.
> Dennis knew that on a forum such as this people would talk about TROM and
> everything else and still not do TROM and he admonished to also do it.
> "It's too simple."  I've heard said.   Compulsive games players crave
> complexity not simplicity, and I'm speaking of myself.
> colleen
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