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Hi Ralph,

On Mar 19, 2014, at 7:52 AM, Ralph Clouse wrote:

> Hi Paul
> Here is part of my previous post you may have missed.
> "The body being electrical in nature like the mind is influenced by  
> the mind. All is in a field as you mention. but the current method  
> of mind measuring is the mind via the body. The field we are  
> interested in = the Mind is to a greater or lesser degree impressed  
> upon the body.
> Meters are set up to measure body resistance. I don't know of an  
> accurate Mind - thought detector  except the being himself at that  
> ability level. So when a beings attention is called to an  
> importance by himself or the environment, he creates it from mind -  
> more solid = important. Often we are blind to these, but with a  
> meter read we make the connection."

True but I see doing RI as also training for one to take complete  
control of their creativity.  Take the automaticity out by being more  
in tune with themselves and the environment rather than their self  
programmed programming feeding them its realities.
> We are getting into semantics here, with varying amounts of data,  
> understandings, and experience.
> Without going into details of knowledge or experience which could  
> just overwhelm and not add to the help in understanding asked for  
> by persons on list.
> Every living entity has a particular field of energy which extends  
> beyond its physical form. all the way down to the smallest. It is  
> just life force ( consciousness ) at a local foci.

Consciousness itself has no energy or field.  Consciousness is the  
creator of the thought/idea/concept which then may or may not  
manifest in the physical universe as a field, a solid, an action or  
whatever.  This is actually a level of knowledge and experience in  
seeing and determining what's what.  It is also a factor of how much  
is one willing to know and understand and of course therein lies  
another level of importance that one may or may not be administering  
in their beingness.

Importance is a really funny thing for their is also the realm of not  
importances which get no attention at all.  Then comes the enforced  
importances.  The always important, the never important and  
importances that need to be made not important as well as the not  
important that need to be made important.  The only solution to this  
is of course 'Freedom from importances'.  As long as there are  
importances, there will also be lesser importances down to no  
> A field of consciousness localized can be considered a  mind ( or  
> have a mind ) to the degree it is identified to its creator being,  
> with its particular set of limiting postulates. or we could call it  
> a field of unconsciousness ;-)
> One could go on ad infinitum, but I just wanted to help Richard  
> from where he was asking for some help, and not too far beyond. If  
> he needed more data, as he did, he asked.
> So I think he got what he asked for. Some of us who know by  
> education, personal study, experience and training, give out too  
> much in response to questions asked. I may be guilty of that, and  
> still may in the future. But hopefully I just give data that  
> communicates in order to aid understanding where I feel I may be of  
> help.

Very true.  So I say that should anyone not fully get what is said,  
they should ask.  That should be a prime purpose and activity for  
anyone posting or reading posts.  We are all here to collect and  
convey ideas and concepts and additional back and forth should be a  
given in order to fully know and understand.

Whether each of us realizes it or not, we are all going towards and  
to infinity.  Some may travel there faster and some may not.  That is  
up to each individual himself.
> Keep on TROMing
> Ralph
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