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Hi Richard

 look at the morning high TA, most may not be aware that they do not 
fully inhabit there body at night. You may very likely go exterior, or 
be more or less not fully connected to your bodies control center upon 
waking. This can give a High TA for a while till you fully connect up 

You also may loose time sense to a slight degree, Time being a lie and all :-)

You can also be slightly dislocated, as we as beings have no actual location, just a focus point ( aka- the body ).

 it can take some re-adjustment to re-aquire the body in it's time and 
space. Remnants of your dream state = created mass can be still around. 

 the no dream state = Nirvana can have been experienced, and the being 
can protest it's apparent loss by waking. Really pisses me off  :-) . 
And that protest will briefly contribute to high TA, and the being may 
not even remember it.

A combination of various of these factors 
can be somewhat remedied by the body rubbing under discussion. Feel that
 body- connect to it NOW, get the sensations while rubbing, Tune in to 
that body in its time and space.

Besides everything in this 
Universe being Life and Postulates it is a 3D Holographic Polarized 
Electric Martix of varying Wavelengths and harmonics. If you shift the 
energetic wavelength enough, one thing can seem to pass through another.
 You may have WiFi, Radio, cell phone energies going through you as you 
read this, and likely do. Some people are sensitive and get ill from 

The body being electrical in nature like the mind is influenced by the mind. All is in a field as you mention. but the 
current method of mind measuring is the mind via the body. The field we 
are interested in = the Mind is to a greater or lesser degree impressed 
upon the body. 

Meters are set up to measure body resistance. I don't 
know of an acurate Mind - thought detector  except the being himself at 
that ability level. So when a beings attention is called to an 
importance by himself or the envirenment, he creates it from mind - more 
solid = important. Often we are blind to these, but with a meter read we make the connection.

Your TA Different how ?

Keep on TROMing

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