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Ralph Clouse sojourner452003 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 21:16:52 UTC 2014

Hi Pete

If your TA is High on a regular basis, RI may not bring it into a normal range. There are case-mind phenomena which can cause a High TA. Basicaly as the mind is surounding your body space to a greater or lesser degree of distance, when an unconfronted bit of mind is keyed in = a scene, as the mind is electrical in nature, it interfers with the body electrics like an added resistance in the body circuit.

High TA = High resistance, over the bodies own normal resistance. Various reasons cause scenes to come close to your body and raise it's resistance.

In Scientology, a well known reason is going out of body and then coming back in. This can re-stimulate a time of being forced in or out of a body, like being killed = out of body, or being trapped-forced into a body, this can apply on many or all dynamics also. Scientology has speacialized auditing for this type of situation.

Also Overts and Withholds can cause this among many other possibilities.

I understand your concern. If your TA is high, you won't get usable reads on your meter for use in TROM. It won't stop RI from working, or your doing of TROM, but it can make it more of an effort to do them. The High TA should be handled, but it will not stop you. If you found the item = scene or scenes it would resolve.

Keep on TROMing

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