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Hi Paul

Is the effect of a complete session of RI that the TA will be at normal for the sex of the individual.  That the person will be exterior and ready to do the next session action?


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> Hi Richard and All,
> My answer comes from experience as a Class VI Auditor.
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>> My name is Richard and I have been doing Trom for quite a while. In my experience starting off with RI's always creates a rising tone arm up to the point of a blowdown. I've assumed the starvation for mass has been satisfied at that point. But the tone arm is frequently still out of range so I use a reach and withdraw or various rubbing to handle the residual mass buildup. The end result is always an F/N at around 2.6-3.0 tone arm. I always start the chart with an in range TA.
>> Will someone explain to me why the rubbings of either the body or objects so dramatically drops the tone arm?
> First of all, high TA is an indication of no confront.  This is an indication of being interiorized.  Things that can lead to interiorization are overts , withholds. basically fear, anger, etc.  High TA is a physical phenomenon.  In auditing, it is difficult to audit over a high TA.  The reason being that one has interiorized and is not there, not in session with his body.  So an auditor giving a session has to get the PC reading on the meter or results will be very hard to come by.  The reason is that the PC is not able to produce good meter readings because of the high TA.
> High TA being a physical thing means that the PC's body is not closely in tune with what the PC is doing and not only are reads very hard to come by but in most cases cannot even be seen with a meter.  Because of this, not only are reads hard to come by if at all but any kind of needle movement has to be suspect as if may or may not be a reaction to the auditing question.
> So what happens when the TA is brought down with rubbing, touching, hand cream, etc. just brings the PC's body more in tune with the consciousness, the soul, the spirit, the Thetan.  Now if you are using the meter to meter what the mind and the Thetan, consciousness are doing, it can be seen on the needle movement.
> I would say that somewhere between Levels 2, 3 and 4 of TROM, the TA (chronic wise) should be in the 3.0 range for males and 2.0 range for females.  Meaning that no particular actions are necessary to bring the TA down for the PC has now eliminated those reasons in the mind to back away and withhold.
> Also bringing the TA down before doing RI or any TROM action is not a necessity nor does it do any enhancing of TROM actions.  It is purely a physical body thing that is necessary for reliable readings on a meter for an auditor to assess what the PC is doing with the auditing question.  TROM is not audited action.
> Keep on TROMmoing, Paul
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