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I've never done them. But I know they make you feel good based on what others have said. Entheogens are neurotransmitter look alikes. Trom is about postulates- the things that cause an end result to happen. These drugs only will make you addicted to instant pleasure. I've gotten to a point where I can manipulate my bodies sensations on my own. I've become a sort of causative drug to my body. I can make it feel good and bad at will. But not all of this comes from reality of trom. I've learned many things over the years to get to this point. And you can too. So I advise not to consume these drugs, because in the end they all say the same thing- you can't control your bodies sensations.

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> I know TROM is told to not be done with any drugs, but I don't necessarily consider entheogenic substances used by indigenous peoples in a safe context as a drug per say.
> A man on the list a while back mentioned being able to fully clear a person with Ayahuasca. Any truth to this? Anyone have any experiences with mixing trom with psychoactive subtances? I will independently email that man, as I'm assuming he is no longer active. I might as well on the O'spare query as well. 
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