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Both your requests for verification of magical or paranormal results from TROM and Max's request for before and after pictures would have TROMers prove to you that TROM works.

TROM is a do it yourself study and therapy that is available for free or as close to free as I can make it. 

If you find it interesting then download, study and do the exercises. If not then walk away. There is no Church of TROM that profits from sales and needs to prove it works.

So let's put the shoe on the other foot. Each of you study the material and prove to the list members that you are making progress at erasing your mind.


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> Hello All,
> Since Jonah's and my own's questions I got an idea - could some of you level 5 TROMmers post (give links to/upload somewhere) videos of yourselves, of what you look like, how you behave etc.? I know I'd be interested and I think other TROM freshers (like Jonah) would be interested too. For example a video of you being at somebody's wedding, or giving a speech etc. Obviously, the videos are to be taken after you have reached/nearly reached the end of level 5. But you could also post videos of you before you started TROM, so there would be BEFORE and AFTER.
> This way we could make advertisements for TROM not unlike those fat-loss pills. :)
> In a nutshell: show us the way you are, the way you behave etc. This shouldn't take much time/effort as opposed to answering obnoxious questions :)
> Cheers
> Max
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