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On Mar 4, 2014, at 7:41 AM, Pete Mclaughlin wrote:
> 14.The Games Universe
> To all intents and purposes, the whole big ruined mess left after  
> the fall of home universe is the games universe vastly expanded  
> with the residue of all of the prior creations. And with the game  
> twisted beyond belief by the introduction of the penalty universe  
> materials and agreements. This is what we referred to as the games  
> universe later on the track. It is the first of the big  
> compulsively agreed- upon universes where we were no longer in full  
> control of the creation of reality.
Every idea here is only true because one sees it as so.  Again, the  
only factor that can have any sway over a God is that of the God  
himself.  One can still have Home Universe if one desires.  Obviously  
that is not the desire.  Not the most importance.

Being a Level 5, TROM completion, I now observe and participate as I  
choose.  My game is to always have the flexibility to play a game or  
not play a game.  I am currently practicing the ability, the free  
will to change my mind, to alter my importances, to play a game or  
not play a game.  To influence or not influence.  I typically choose  
on the side of influencing for the better but in doing so I realize  
that I cannot change other's importances, their minds.  So, I don't  
take a loss but have compassion and love for those still trapped  
within the compulsiveness of their minds and who are unable to change  
beyond the rigors and control that their minds deal them.
> In spite of all this, you were still a god; But a badly aberrated  
> one. You were still immune to force and knew it, but your mockups  
> could be hurt and you were now subject to counter-emotion to some  
> degree because you could really loose something. In the home  
> universe era, this wasn't true. You could always mock something up  
> again and your home universe knew no law but your own.
Loosing something, really loosing something is a state of mind, a  
viewpoint.  Nothing more.  Can't you have something else?  A  
duplicate or a substitute just as good if not better.  Couldn't you  
re-mock up the original or a better, in PT original?  This all has to  
do with whether it's a Home Universe or a common, among others universe.
> The body types, styles of mockups, etc. were quite varied in this  
> period. The penalty universes used 64 different body types of which  
> only one was truly human. Older styles such as people manifesting  
> as clouds or whatever were also in use. There was no pattern or  
> organization to the universe similar to the way our galaxy is  
> structured. It was just a hodge-podge of planets, flat-earths,  
> pictures hanging in the sky, or whatever and it all just sort of  
> drifted around. Individuals claimed areas and marked them off by  
> filling the areas with faint light of various colors so that space  
> itself appeared to be a sort of patchwork quilt. The old proponents  
> of the one dimensional creation system also often filled their  
> space with music of some sort or another. These were not sound  
> vibrations but simply a musical telepathic wave that permeated  
> their areas.
A few decades ago I realized there was a part of me that was a  
cloud.  A cloud that only I could see and communicate with.  I would  
consult it for answers and help.  This would be much like one looking  
upwards and outwards while being in deep thought.  It was part and  
parcel to deep thought.
> The games leaned towards the intellectual side since we were not  
> yet very concerned with force and motion. These included things  
> that could be thought of as godlike equivalents of chess and cards  
> and various strategy games. They also included the old valence game  
> and various other games of one-upmanship where the opponents tried  
> to psych each other out in various ways. Elaborate mockups were  
> often built as prizes, or sometimes a period of service was  
> wagered. There is not as much motion as you might expect because  
> much of the motion was still non-linear (objects in motion might  
> jump the way a knight only touches certain squares in chess without  
> passing through the intermediate points).
> The Games Universe goes on for a very long time. Some characters  
> are so bad that you want them out of the game but you have no way  
> of doing this. Everyone thinks this but of course nobody agrees on  
> who should be thrown out.
Been there, done that and hit the same wall.
> Finally a solution is proposed. A lower universe could be built and  
> the undesirables sentenced to it. But a mechanism was needed to fix  
> the convicts up so that they couldn't just pop back up and cause  
> more trouble.
> So the remnants of all of the penalty universes were strung  
> together. Remembering the hate and urge to destroy that occurred  
> during the fall of home universe, this is used at the end of each  
> positive goal to attach a negative goal to it.  ie., the positive  
> (but degrading) penalty universe goals such as the goal to eat were  
> paired with their opposites such as the goal to starve. The  
> negative goal swings the victim around to the next positive goal  
> and makes him go round and round through these penalty goals. This  
> is called the treadmill. With the attachment of the negative goals  
> it became a self perpetuating cycle that is supposed to set the bad  
> guys up to do each other in forever. This is a very popular idea.  
> It is probably the first time after the collapse of home universe  
> that everybody agreed on something.
I suggest that if one is playing with positive goals and or negative  
goals that one is currently in this tread mill by one's own choice to  
work with good and/or bad goals with the end result of only having  
the one of the goals survive.  The same as vanishing or eliminating a  
bad goal by putting a good goal in its place or vice versa of  
course.  The same is true in playing with past incidents vs. current,  
present time incidents.  It's all just a treadmill.

One needs to rise above this game, transcend it and get into handling  
the cause, one's mind and its compulsions.
> Needless to say, everyone builds this thing intending it for use on  
> the bad guys rather than themselves and of course everyone  
> eventually gets tossed in. The treadmill leads the person down into  
> what we came to call the Motion or Motions Universe.
Yes, one being on a treadmill leads one to believe that fixing the  
treadmill phenomena is the path out.  It therefore leads one into  
being engrossed with the treadmill and its motion and looking for the  
answer, the way out through engaging deeper and deeper into the  
mechanics of the tread mill.  Obviously this is not the way out.   
This is only a lower subset of the larger difficulty, the difficulty  
that is no longer being addressed.
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