[TROM1] Welcome to TROM

Dave dave at radpac.co.za
Sun Mar 9 12:28:19 UTC 2014

Hi Jonah

Welcome and well done.

Dave Langley

On 07/03/2014 22:58, Jonah Seymour wrote:
> Hello Pete, and fellow trommers.
> I requested to join this list a while back, and have not yet actually 
> introduced myself or interacted on the forum, as I have been reading 
> the archives, listening to Dennis's lectures, and reading and reading 
> the manual.
> After much games play, I have decided to buckle down and really get 
> rolling with TROM.
> I spent last week house sitting out in the bush in complete solitude, 
> and got a chance to dip my feet in the water of TROM, and went through 
> some RI and level 2. AND LOVED IT!
> The motivation to get to level 5 has become a large priority, and has 
> generated SEVERAL questions. Some of which are merely curiosity and 
> distracting games, others I feel will help me be "chummy with my mind" 
> and gain confidence in tromming. These will be posted once I'm off 
> moderator status.
> A little introduction: I am 17 years old, American, moved to New 
> Zealand 6 months ago with my family, as my dad is a Christian minister 
> and is pastoring a church here now. I'm blessed to have had a narrow 
> minded upbringing as it has induced an interest in the spiritual. When 
> I was maybe 13 I was researching all religions and faiths. Hung around 
> on the Co$'s website and new there was something not right, but 
> something really resonated. I then two years ago, read an alleged 
> report from whistleblower "Dane Tops" on project camelot, where he 
> told stories of people walking through walls and other miraculous 
> feats. I have no idea whether it was true or not, doesn't really 
> matter, but it's what got me interested in researching the free zone, 
> and eventually discovering Dennis's work. I also have a keen interest 
> in alternative health, fasting, yogic practice, and an outdoor 
> shamanic lifestyle. Right now the goals that take precedence for me, 
> is completing TROM, taking any further steps if possible, in a fantasy 
> world pulling an Enoch, and disappearing from this universe, while 
> simultaneously getting my body in the best shape possible, and in a 
> fantasy world, achieving breatharianism, and even immortality. Two 
> outlandish and conflicting goals. If this sounds possible to you, then 
> good. If this sounds crazy, fair enough. My philosophy is "If you 
> shoot for the stars, the worst that can happen is you land on the 
> moon." This trajectory will get me somewhere positive.
> That's enough of my must be known game for today. ;)
> Can't wait to get some questions answered, and trom away!
> Gratitude,
> Jonah

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