[TROM1] Question regarding Level 2 Persons

Colleen K. Peltomaa cygnifique at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 15:16:43 UTC 2014

I was about to place a document about doing Level 2 on Cory's new TROM
forum and happened across one of Paul Tipon's posts that I had saved under
Level 2 category.   He reported that he compared the person with an object.

I re-checked Dennis' Level 2 instructions and realized I could not find
where Dennis said that persons must be compared as similar and different
with a present time person.

There is a Level Two category on the forum and one can start their own
thread or contribute to another's thread.

Who has completed or is in process with Level Two and how did you or are
you processing persons?   With now persons or with now objects?

I've attached a document in the forum that contains all Level Two data from

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