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Hi Jonah,

Welcome to the TROM list.

You are doing great!


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Hello Pete, and fellow trommers.

I requested to join this list a while back, and have not yet actually introduced myself or interacted on the forum, as I have been reading the archives, listening to Dennis's lectures, and reading and reading the manual.

After much games play, I have decided to buckle down and really get rolling with TROM.

I spent last week house sitting out in the bush in complete solitude, and got a chance to dip my feet in the water of TROM, and went through some RI and level 2. AND LOVED IT!

The motivation to get to level 5 has become a large priority, and has generated SEVERAL questions. Some of which are merely curiosity and distracting games, others I feel will help me be "chummy with my mind" and gain confidence in tromming. These will be posted once I'm off moderator status.

A little introduction: I am 17 years old, American, moved to New Zealand 6 months ago with my family, as my dad is a Christian minister and is pastoring a church here now. I'm blessed to have had a narrow minded upbringing as it has induced an interest in the spiritual. When I was maybe 13 I was researching all religions and faiths. Hung around on the Co$'s website and new there was something not right, but something really resonated. I then two years ago, read an alleged report from whistleblower "Dane Tops" on project camelot, where he told stories of people walking through walls and other miraculous feats. I have no idea whether it was true or not, doesn't really matter, but it's what got me interested in researching the free zone, and eventually discovering Dennis's work. I also have a keen interest in alternative health, fasting, yogic practice, and an outdoor shamanic lifestyle. Right now the goals that take precedence for me, is completing TROM, taking any further steps if possible, in a fantasy world pulling an Enoch, and disappearing from this universe, while simultaneously getting my body in the best shape possible, and in a fantasy world, achieving breatharianism, and even immortality. Two outlandish and conflicting goals. If this sounds possible to you, then good. If this sounds crazy, fair enough. My philosophy is "If you shoot for the stars, the worst that can happen is you land on the moon." This trajectory will get me somewhere positive.

That's enough of my must be known game for today. ;)

Can't wait to get some questions answered, and trom away! 


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