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Fri Mar 7 00:27:46 UTC 2014

It was a process to get where you are now and you can simply reverse the process to get back out. 

 Make a list 

At the top left side 


The top right is neg

Then start putting words under each side until you can do it no more. 

Pos. neg 
Good bad
Happy sad 
Smile frown 
Light dark
Awake sleep
Future past 
Power powerless
Overt motivator
Force prevent
Compliment oppose. 
Correct incorrect 
Soft hard.
Male female ;  ) 
Out in 
Hot cold
Summer winter 

Opposites with polarity . Some words like overt have neg universe meanings and can't be use. The word must be pos to go on the pos future side 

How do you know which is which ? 

The positive always comes first and is a good thing in the future. 

The law of duality is used to answer it's dual opposite. 

This means that the neg always comes last and is a bad thing from the past . 

You use this formula to vanish lies. 

Let's use the words difference and similarity . Are they opposite? Yes

How are, they different and similar to all the other words of the list . ? 

The past never changes and the future always does. 

Similarity is boring after a while but difference is always exciting. 

The more examples you make the better. 

But it's when you realize hey what the !!! Ok I see it now. 

A small of large cognition. Awaits when it's collapsed. 

You're just making small progress. Somedays huge. 

You use this the whole way . All the way out the top . 

You'll be so exterior to your body and all other body's. All things too. You'll also realize without doubt that it's just you and has always and will always be just you. 

It's a smooth fun ride up . Not the shitty ride it's been going down . 

Goodness always relates to the future so by the LOD, shittyness always refers to the past . 

It's so simple and easy to do you can do it anywhere and any time and you'll love every second of it . 

After you make the list , read the list from the top down . Just the pos side. Then read the list from the top down on the neg side. 

Here's today's law of duality quote. 

Everything and Everyone is there because you and only you put them there. 

If you can not prove this wrong then it must be correct by the law of duality. 

If it's correct then it can not be incorrect . 

If you can prove it incorrect , post up . Lol

A dogs tail will be mostly on one side or the other . Pos or neg. when it's happy it'll always be more on the pos side . When it's not, the neg side. Wagging in its tail is like a floating needle. 

An Emeter uses pos and neg . Rise and fall . It says allot. It also matters when you climb your way out . 

TROM, COS , package collapsing ,  r3r , cch, book and bottle what ever ,  the list is numerous. They are all just ladders you use to climb out. Which ever ladder works best is the one you should use. 

Collapsing packages is as smooth as can be . It gets easier and better as you go . 

Just takes a pencil and paper at first . Then you'll need nothing . You'll be doing it on the go . 

You'll be like wait a minute this is too fast too powerful. I need to stop. 

Ok stop . It's ok to stop .  You'll start again. You won't get off until you're out the top  once you get going. 

It's that good . 

Package delivered 
Have a nice day. : ) 

Slim:  ) 

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