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Ciao Pete . La mia assenza dal blog è per varie cause .Ultima,mio padre è morto,era in metastasi ecc .Con un altro Trommers stiamo cercando di finirela traduzione . Nic .

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Hello Pete


Thanks for welcoming me.

My Name is Patrick Schuppe.
I was born back in 1981. I came to TROMn because I listened and participated in
a German seminar on DVD about TROM.


I always looked at self dewelopment
material for years. What helped me the most was “the secret” and a curse
on how to find my “Higher Guidance”

Always something was missing!
There for I studied more material to find the answer. In TROM I was able to find
out what the other material and curses did not tell me. 

I want to be on this list
to find more people who do TROM to get in contact with the people.


Take care for now,

Patrick Schuppe


Von: Pete Mclaughlin
[mailto:pete_mclaughlin_93555 at yahoo.com] 

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2014 13:07

An: patrick.schuppe at web.de

Betreff: Welcome to TROM


Hi and welcome to TROM

Initially you will be on moderated status where I will review your
submissions before allowing them to be published on the email list.  You
can write a short introduction about what brought you to TROM and I will remove
the moderate status.

Be sure to check out the Archive of old posts to the list on the page
where you signed up for the mailing list. Many questions you have may have already
been answered there.

Also be sure to check out the site www.tromhelp.com.
 All of Dennis Stephens taped lectures are there and many transcripts of
the lectures as well.  All of the materials at the www.tromhelp.com site
are free for download as they are in the public domain or there with the
authors written permission to download.

The Resolution of Mind and Supplemental Lectures are now available
at Amazon.com in the Kindle Store.
At http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00H4C0RS2 

Finally, be sure to ask questions. There are many talented people
lurking on this email list who only originate when someone asks a question.

Keep on TROMing


List Moderator

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