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Hi Tromers,

I have never joined a list before until now, so if I make any mistakes in violation of any traditions or protocols please bear with me.

I left Scientology back in 1980. My reasons were no different than the reasons given by many on this list.

I downloaded the TROM_1 Archives and read some of it to get a “taste” of what goes on here; I must say that all of you come across as a very nice group.


My interest lies in TROM itself and the experiences of those who are applying it in their lives. I’m interested in the progress and gains obtained so I can evaluate my own. As of yet I have not started my own processing, but I have read the manual. The Resolution of Mind.

My intention is to start my processing in the next couple of days. I found the theory of TROM pretty sound and easy to duplicate up to the Level 5 data, at which 

point some restimulation started getting in the way. I found that to be pretty much par for the course when you read tech that aligns with one’s own case.

I was a course supervisor and I observed that phenomena in my course room a few times. 


I would like to hear from members that have completed Level 2 as that is the level I will start, also any experiences on running RI will be welcomed since I have never seen or done any of it myself. I know RI has some similarity with havingness processes, but the emphasis is on importances which are not objective, they are significances. Any feedback on that will be appreciated.


Thank you all.





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Hi and welcome to TROM

Initially you will be on moderated status where I will review your submissions before allowing them to be published on the email list.  You can write a short introduction about what brought you to TROM and I will remove the moderate status.

Be sure to check out the Archive of old posts to the list on the page where you signed up for the mailing list. Many questions you have may have already been answered there.

Also be sure to check out the site  <http://www.tromhelp.com/> www.tromhelp.com.  All of Dennis Stephens taped lectures are there and many transcripts of the lectures as well.  All of the materials at the  <http://www.tromhelp.com/> www.tromhelp.com site are free for download as they are in the public domain or there with the authors written permission to download.

The Resolution of Mind and Supplemental Lectures are now available at Amazon.com <http://amazon.com/>  in the Kindle Store. At http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00H4C0RS2 

Finally, be sure to ask questions. There are many talented people lurking on this email list who only originate when someone asks a question.

Keep on TROMing


List Moderator


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