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Hi all
In a discussion with Rolf Dane he stated the following:
"I also want to point out a crashing misunderstood I had for years. Dennis uses "to know" as an inflow, an act of perception and of curiosity. 
That isn't really the main meaning of to know; and it is very different from how it is used in scientology.
Since the word is so important in TROM I would sidebar that as well, if you ask me.

Rolf Dane,
Ability Coach"

Since I also had a difficult time understanding TROM because of confusion on the postulate "To Be Known" it is time to define the Term.  The new editions of the TROM manuals will have a glossary that includes this entry.

To Be Known also making known and bringing into existence –1. When you first arrived at this universe as a spiritual being you looked around and thought it would be an interesting game to play.  It would be fun to communicate with the other beings here.
However you quickly realized that this universe you can’t play games if no one recognizes you exist.
In order to play games or commuinicate with other beings you must be noticed, must be recognized to exist, you must “be known.”
This is what Dennis means by “to be known”. You want “to be known” by others so they will communicate with you and allow you to play the games with them. Also you want the effects you create to be known by others so if you grow a garden and share the tomatos with your friends you can say that you want tomatos “to be known” by you and tomatos “to be known” by others. -editor   2.This is the creative postulate to bring something into existance and to make it known. 3. Life is a spiritual quality. Life can bring things into existence. That which is brought into existence is called an effect. All effects are intended to be noticed by others so include the postulate “to be known.”
To Know – this is the postulate to learn, experience, percieve something. It exactly complements and satisifies the postulate “to be known.”

Let me know if this definition is helpful. The new editions will be ready to publish in a couple of weeks.


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