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Wed Jul 16 19:36:18 UTC 2014

Firstly, I apologize for opening a can of worms.  Let me explain further.
 The Unstacking Procedure was a tape to Greg, who asked Dennis to evaluate
someone else's tech called the Unstacking Procedure.  Dennis did a thorough
analysis and he offered up the process of asking for the purpose of an
aniemate or inanimate object, and flatten that and then ask for the
person's purpose for that animate or inanimate object, and he laughed and
said one could erase a brick (from one's psyche I suppose is what he
Paul T. is correct in that Dennis also spoke of this procedure within the
context of working with an auditor (he never uses the word auditor,
however).   One COULD do it solo however,

If this process indicates to you, okay.   If it does not indicate to you,
okay.   Neither Dennis nor I proffered it as a replacement for the
basically very simple exercises laid out in Dennis' manual.

Nic, does that help?    Do you have confusion because of difficulties with
English?  Would love to see Dennis' work properly translated.

As long as you do not have any very pressing case phenomenon then RI and
Level 2, etc., without complications, will get you there.   I work as a
psychotherapist (interning) so it's my job to be interested in techs
suitable for complicated minds, beings who have not yet asked the questions
that would get them on the road to total resolution of the mind.

kind regards,
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