[TROM1] Dennis mentions this process in lecture "The Unstacking Procedure"

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Mon Jul 14 03:04:30 UTC 2014

This is excellent advice from Dennis.  But ......

It takes someone very skilled with a meter and it takes a PC being  
audited by this very skilled auditor who must never ever make a  
mistake (an impossibility) or when a mistake is made be able to do a  
correction and then get on with the auditing.  A Class VI Auditor  
trained and experienced, an auditor who knows understands and can  
deliver Class VI level auditing as it was before 1986 or even  
earlier.  None of the new 'Golden Age' stuff that has been coming out  
since the 1980's.

Then too, are you done by just clearing out this lifetime's goals or  
those of the 'Whole Track'.  Quite a formidable procedure.  Dennis'  
TROM is an undercut to all of that.

This is all pretty heavy duty auditing and if attempted 'solo', one  
had better be an excellent C/S as well as a Class VI Auditor ...  
Minimum!  And will most likely still need a twin or equal cohort to  
pull him out of the whole track muck if he ever falls into that  
muck.  One will never get anywhere trying to audit themselves out of  
their own keyed in muck.  Just think of it as receiving auditing from  
an auditor who is keyed-in and running his own case right in and on  
top of yours.  What a incoherent mess that is going to be.

Paul, keep on TROMming

On Jul 13, 2014, at 9:26 AM, Colleen K. Peltomaa wrote:
> Dennis was asked to evaluate "The Unstacking Procedure" and he  
> started talking about the danger of asking the mind for opposers.   
> He suggested this process instead.
> "You could erase the dog from his mind by asking him, “What is the  
> purpose,” or function if you like, usually if it’s a life… living  
> creature you say purpose, if it’s an inanimate object you’ll say  
> function.
> You say, “What is the purpose of a dog?  and the preclear tells  
> you, and you take up…you can put him on the meter... and you take  
> up each one of the purposes of the dog.
> Preclear says, “Oh dogs bark.” And you say “Well how do you feel  
> about that?” “Oh,” he says, “I have this terrible thing, we used to  
> live next door to a dog that barked all the time. It drove me mad.”  
> You know, and you take this up and you run this material you see  
> and so he was all right about that purpose.
> And you say, “Is there any other purpose that a dog has?” and he  
> says, “Well it’s a… they bite people.” “Oh, well how do you feel…”  
> He says, “Oh, I got bitten by a dog once. He says. And so you run  
> that material there. You see?
> See what you’re doing here, you are discharging the dog's purposes.  
> His opposition to… but you’re not mentioning the word oppose, you  
> see. He’s really smart. You’re not mentioning the word oppose.  
> You’re saying, “ what’s the dog’s purposes?”
> This was written in the context of "never ask the PC for what  
> opposes a goal" because the PC will only give wrong answers from  
> his engram bank.
> Eventually you go through all these purposes and get them all  
> squared around and he feels alright about a dogs purposes. He feels  
> better about those purposes.
> Then you say to him, “What purposes have you had or got towards A  
> dog?” and then you take up his side… this side of the coin. “Oh,  
> well I’ve always had this urge to kick a dog, you know.” “Oh well,  
> how do you feel about that?” you find some incidents where he  
> kicked dogs, and he secretly kicked dogs and done all this, that  
> and the other thing, see, and you go along with this till you got  
> all his purposes out regarding the dog.
> And you go back to the dog, “Well are any umm… What are the  
> purposes of a dog?” and see if any more material showed up and you  
> keep going backwards and forwards on these purposes towards the dog  
> and the dogs purposes towards him. Low and behold, magic, the dog  
> would vanish out of his mind, cause you… you’ve erased all the  
> purposes, you see? He’s now got all the purposes there and he’s got  
> them sort of squared around and you haven’t mentioned the dog’s  
> package, but you… you… you… the technique is powerful enough to  
> erase the dog out of his mind. Just there… and it proves that… that  
> uhh… that uhh… that all that is present there is the purposes.
> You could do it with a house brick, you know. You could… you could  
> erase a house brick."

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