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looks very much like R6EW?
In "scientology speak" each of those below are the end words in goals.
Listing of dichotomies is a nice destimulation process best done with an emeter.
Without a meter you can use a dictionary. Think of a word your dramatizing and then using 
a dictionary clear its meaning. Then clear its dichotomy. You can use a book of antonyms to
help in that - just choose the one that feels right and clear it.
With this sort of thing its important to understand that it is destimulation only at this level.
Actual goals (the very core of your make up) are constructed between 16 to 18 items each. There are well
over 200 goals forming a series of goals which then repeat over and over. These things pack a punch
if you get close to them.
"formulating the dual lists" as given below is a kind of R6 EW and a destimulation technique.
These words are locks on the actual goal dichotomies. Spotting the charged ones cause the
actual goal to "key out" and move away and so you feel better.
If you keep doing this however you will key out all the locks and be left with the actual goal items 
underneath  which will now key in because you don't have their items and pattern. It will nock your head off.
There is also the problem of implant goals and the further complexity of entities which also have actual and implant goals. You will in this situation be trying to run items that are not yours. Can get very messy.
So tread lightly when doing this until you know what your doing.
This is just a scientology perspective which you may or may not agree with
but I personally have found to be workable for me. An LRH  lecture that rounds of
the subject a little if your interested is "Bank Anatomy" 14July 64.
R6EW can be found on the net as well.
Happy Troming

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When you formulate the dual list of pos and neg you will knowtice many
intetesting things about it .

When you formulate the dual list of pos and neg you will knowtice many intetesting things about it . 
Know><not know


Able ><disable



Happy ><sad

Warm ><cool

Male ><female 



Future ><past



Ect etc etc. 

When you increase knowing everything else in the left column increases with it 
When you increase ability knowing goes up too. Responsibility control afinity cominucation will all increase to the exact same degree. 
Like wise and by the law of duality when you increase the neg leg you'll be doomed to suffer all the negitive legs . 
When you increase one side the other decreases. Its the law of duality and dictates everything in the universe including the overt motivator sequence. 
So "knowing " is not the top dog.  The more you know the more able you'll become and the more youll be able to know and the more responsible you'll be as well as exterior.  
There's much more much much more but you need to make them your own reality rather than mine to you.
To teach is on the pos side to learn its neg dual twin.  
The more you teach  the more positive you'll become and the more you'll know and the more youll be aware and the more responsible  you'll be and on and on and on .
Its so simple it as simple as simple can be . 
Ok peace out dawg   
Im outabody baby and it feeellllls sooooo gooood so perfect and desirable. 
Give a nice day and have a nice night
Go you. Go go go go
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