[TROM1] Slim's "Collapsing A Package" Tech?

Paul Tipon ptipon at proftitleserv.com
Fri Jul 4 18:07:32 UTC 2014

Hi Jonah and All,

Let me start with differences and similarities.  Once you are into to  
that and can do it effectively and fluently,  you will have put in  
the basis for dichotomies with respect to what is being evaluated.   
Once into evaluation, dichotomies are set up.  How similar?  How  

The mechanism is dichotomies.  Similar to what degree?  Different to  
what degree?  See how that works?  There are infinite evaluations to  
everything.  One thing is not that different from another yet one  
thing is 'not' the other thing and is wholly and completely  
different.  What a conundrum, huh!

In other words there are never two equal nor never two opposites.  We  
make those distinctions as we wish and that is the secret of getting  
to and becoming cause over dichotomies or having 'Freedom of .....'   
Dichotomies, similarities and differences.  One actually creates  
those subjective qualities all my himself or takes up someone else's  
dichotomies, similarities and differences.

Obviously best to come up with your own and have fluidity of coming  
up with your own.  Just realize they are yours or you or making  
someone else's yours by acceptance.

Besides cause and effect here, it is important to realize that there  
are no absolute truths here.  One is just making up their own  
personal truths which they can adhere to and live by because they  
work for a given situation.  Just don't get stuck by making those  
self designated truths absolute.  They just may never work again,  
ever.  What a mess that would be, huh!

Paul, keep on TROMming

On Jul 3, 2014, at 8:47 PM, Jonah Seymour wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Jonah here, different email, same person. (See I'm spotting  
> differences and similarities LOL!)
> I'm curious if anyone's done any work with Slim's proposed tech of  
> listing dichotomies?
> It resonates with me, however I only understand 25% of his last  
> three messages in March.
> Slim, is it really just as simple as: "list the polarities and get  
> on out" ? Is that all I need to do to "shift the poles so that the  
> package collapses and vanishes" ?
> Or do I need to understand something else. Can someone give me the  
> definition for the "Law of Duality" ?
> In the meantime, I will be listing dualities as a means RI. From a  
> trommers perspective, is that okay?
> Thank you all for the guidance, even from the archives,
> Jonah.
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