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Colleen Peltomaa cygnifique at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 15:31:29 UTC 2012

Hi, Jurgen, great hearing from you and the info regarding Dan Winter.  I
also am enamored of Russellian Science by Walter and Lao Russell.

Because I am mostly a Do-It-Yourselfer these days, I am finding that
Timebreaking combined with (at least at the Level 3 of TROM) Releasing
technique I learned from the Sedona Method (which Pete has recommended on
this board).

Both Timebreaking and Releasing are native, natural abilities and advisable
to pick them up again and, as an eternal being, use them once again.

Love, on a lower harmonic, and as a junior package -- well I felt the
sensation of it when I lightly touched on this junior package.  Ultimately
all sensations/emotions are lies and delusions.  A construct placed into
the mind landscape.

Love is great sensation to pursue, we are simply processing out the
limiting postulates and fixated attractions and aversions regarding love.

That releases one and one is on the way to BEING THAT (or not that).

Dan Winter, as an infinite being, holds the whole of Cosmos in his hands,
and I honor that within him, AND that within you.

See you in bliss,
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