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Hi Everyone,

Recently I am watching and reading material from 'Dan Winter' (Sacred Geometry, Bliss, Heart-Tuner/Love-Tuner).
Man am I flabbergasted (impressed) with the implications of what this man is saying, his concept of Golden-Mean and Sacred Geometry connect biology, mind, matter, worm-holes, bliss, emotions, blood, DNA, actually everything together. He is even (for the first time), explaining what SPACE and TIME is. He has even developed technology for people to learn how to ignite their heart with love (Love-Tuner).

Note: (I am not a physicist, but nonetheless I am interested in many areas like Chemistry, Matter, Biology).
For physicist: He is able to explain what GRAVITY is, which to me is a mind opener.


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I just watched a very interesting dvd titled "The Secret".  (the wikipedia page for it is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_%282006_film%29 )  You can get it used from amazon for about $5.00.

The film develops the "The Law of Attraction" which is that whatever you put your attention on you will get.

I was struck by how well the film motivates me to get going on doing RI so as to visualize the things i want to have in life "wealth health happiness and good relations with others". The film is exceptionally motivational.

Chekc it out.

Keep on TROMing


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