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> Date: January 18, 2012 10:26:42 PM PST
> To: leo.faulhaber at gmail.com
> Subject: Re: [TROM1] Trom Digest, Vol 90, Issue 12
> Just want to remind you that the Theta-Mest-Theory is a theory.  
> This is not
> derogatory, LRH call it a theory himself. Would real knowledge mean  
> being
> knowledgeable about a theory?
> Leo Faulhaber
> Hi Leo,
> I've been really busy and couldn't answer back right away.
> Yes, Theta-MEST is a theory.  It couldn't be anything but.  The  
> reason I see for this is that Theta cannot be quantified whereas  
> MEST can.  There are also no absolutes as Ron says but that is  
> wrong.  In MEST there are absolutes with subjects and groups.  A  
> simple example is a round peg cannot be fit into a square hole.   
> Geoffrey Filbert also said that things are an absolute under  
> certain conditions in the MEST Universe.
> When it comes to Theta, we look at that as a static, a zero.  A  
> nothing at no place at any time or thru all time.  To some degree  
> that is an absolute but how does one compare apples to nothing,  
> oranges to nothing.  Therefore when one has the subject Theta-MEST,  
> there is no discussion, there are no comparisons.  All we know is  
> that Theta does exist.  What that existence is cannot be defined.   
> There is discussion about what Theta can do and what Theta is  
> capable of but that becomes very limited too.  When you start at  
> zero, a nothing, any change from that is on the order of 0 to  
> infinity.  Therefore any change is of infinite magnitude.  Then one  
> runs into the problem of quantifying infinity.  It's quite a  
> conundrum.
> That has been Theta's biggest problem also.  He knew he could do  
> things.  He knew he could be infinite cause in the MEST Universe  
> and he proceeded on that basis.  Theta ran into trouble when he  
> realized there was also the idea of effect once something was  
> cause.  Theta never saw the need to have and use logic.  It just  
> wasn't necessary.  It just was not in the cards for infinite  
> cause.  Without logic and understanding, Theta could not resolve  
> the result of cause creates an effect.  Theta and also one then  
> sits in the whatever of the cause which is the effect and  
> considers, that is not necessary to know about.  After all I am  
> infinite cause.  Now we see the ultimate truth of ultimate power  
> corrupts ultimately.  Theta got to the corruption phase all in one  
> step.  The idea that one's effect does not matter.  Theta just kept  
> creating creating creating, being cause cause cause in the MEST  
> Universe. Obviously that's how the MEST Universe got here and one  
> of the reasons it just stays here and keeps getting bigger and  
> bigger.  Theta could not accept being the effect.  He couldn't  
> loose his creations and pushed against or pulled in effects at  
> will.  This action too has now manifest itself into more new  
> problems.  On and on down the spiral.
> With TROM, with Auditing with meditation with all sorts of  
> practices one can get relief and at times go external to all but to  
> stay external and be able to use one's abilities without getting  
> into the downward spiral with no way to hop off, one must also know  
> and understand the logic of the situation.
> Little did he realize nor was he concerned enough to realize, it's  
> different this time, Hey! I'm working in the MEST Universe.  This  
> is where logic needs to come into play.  Understanding of the  
> situation in the MEST Universe needs to be considered and added  
> into the logic, the equation.  If you ever get to being just a  
> Thetan again, remember, it does matter wherein and with what you  
> are operating.
> After one's aberrations both voluntary and involuntary are  
> eliminated, then one as Theta now needs to go all the way back and  
> start from the beginning to know and then understand what here and  
> now is going on.  This is probably why Dennis with his TROM used  
> the "Know to Mystery Scale'" as his final step, Level 5.  Ron put  
> it in terms of Theta reclaiming the use of his powers but now  
> becoming smart and experienced.  The all-powerful being rather  
> stupid all the way up to this threshold and ready to step thru and  
> out.
> I advise one and all to realize it is more than handling the mind.   
> Once one no longer operates needing that appendage, one better use  
> other abilities rather than solely, 'I'm all powerful'.  If not,  
> one will be right back into the quagmire.
> Theta is smart, he must come to the point of knowing that is an  
> ability and must also be employed.
> Paul, Level 5 in progress

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