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2. LRH quote that supports my earlier post (Leo Faulhaber)

Just want to remind you that the Theta-Mest-Theory is a theory. This is not
derogatory, LRH call it a theory himself. Would real knowledge mean being
knowledgeable about a theory?

Leo Faulhaber

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>   1. LRH quote that supports my earlier post (Paul Tipon)
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> "It?s actually a dirty trick to make a Theta Clear out of somebody
> without passing him the data that should go with it.  He does not ...
> he doesn?t automatically know.  His knowingness is high, but that?s
> potential knowingness.  That?s only potential.  And there?s actual
> data goes along with the subject of being a Theta Clear.  He doesn?t
> know this instinctively.  If he knew this instinctively, he would not
> be here in the MEST universe.?  from the PDC Tapes, 1st lecture
> In other words, one must be educated as to what Theta is and MEST
> is.  After all with any reconciliation of the mind one now has Theta
> where he started from.  Only education for knowledge and
> understanding as to how a Thetan got trapped and got a mind is needed
> so that the same mistakes and wrong viewpoints are not employed all
> over again, taking the Thetan down the diminishing spiral again.
> Paul, Level 5 in progress
> ps:  Theta Clear is the last step after Clear where the Thetan is now
> completely clear of all traps and aberrations with or without a body
> or the MEST Universe or any Universe for that matter.
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