[TROM1] LRH quote that supports my earlier post

Paul Tipon ptipon at proftitleserv.com
Mon Jan 16 04:15:25 UTC 2012

"It’s actually a dirty trick to make a Theta Clear out of somebody  
without passing him the data that should go with it.  He does not ...  
he doesn’t automatically know.  His knowingness is high, but that’s  
potential knowingness.  That’s only potential.  And there’s actual  
data goes along with the subject of being a Theta Clear.  He doesn’t  
know this instinctively.  If he knew this instinctively, he would not  
be here in the MEST universe.”  from the PDC Tapes, 1st lecture

In other words, one must be educated as to what Theta is and MEST  
is.  After all with any reconciliation of the mind one now has Theta  
where he started from.  Only education for knowledge and  
understanding as to how a Thetan got trapped and got a mind is needed  
so that the same mistakes and wrong viewpoints are not employed all  
over again, taking the Thetan down the diminishing spiral again.

Paul, Level 5 in progress

ps:  Theta Clear is the last step after Clear where the Thetan is now  
completely clear of all traps and aberrations with or without a body  
or the MEST Universe or any Universe for that matter.

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