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Colleen/ Aarre/  Jan. 13

Oh, my god, do you get more long winded than I do sometimes.   I read it
all, and thanks very much for all the wins.  As usual, I'm very proud of

Hubby,  Aarre

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> I'm so sure that no one else has eating issues like I do, but just in
> case, there is relief/release with TROM.
> Yesterday my auditor helped me jump start Timebreaking a tonsillectomy
> since there was a lot of blackness around it.  With a little Alternate
> Confront I started timebreaking very well and quickly, ran repeater tech on
> "Bodies are dangerous", then "Thetans are dangerous".  Ran that out until
> flat, scenes moving by, realizations coming in.  All viewed against the
> present time location.
> Because of some recent re-stims regarding my research into more healthful
> lifestyles, food and eating was presented to me during this incident.  (Mom
> gave me soft sweets.)
> Without fully knowing the matrix of the "To Eat" junior package, I found
> myself natively running it out, once I lightened the surgery incident.  It
> moved and I scanned it from  initially complementary through to more and
> more serious, in all its permutatiions. Amazing, the games I played.  I'm
> sure, looking back, that I could have looked at it in more detail.
> The RESULT is my intake of nourishment is more guided by what the body is
> telling me and not what the mind, or any possible parasitical entities in
> the body are telling me.
> I am subject to insulin resistance so this is very helpful to me with
> regards to managing sugar swings.  I also felt more in tune with the body's
> healing protocols.
> Healthy foods that I formerly did not like much, like blue green algae,
> vegetables, are now easier for me to simply eat without a lot of
> additives.  I purchased a juicer and am now juicing veggies for more
> convenience.
> I used to become easily mutally out-ruds re simple sugars, and now it is
> only the other's out-ruds,. I no longer feel compelled to use another's
> out-ruds as an excuse to go out-ruds, re the specific compulsions I ran
> out.
> That can be a BIGGIE for people who live or work around people who eat all
> kinds of crap, pardon my french.
> Had to do a LOT of RI to fill in the resulting vacuous feeling.  Still
> doing RI  -- that was a lot of simpleness that occurred, especially for a
> former gourmet cook.
> [mutual out-rudiments, i.e., going into agreement with another's
> compulsions]
> All this from a natural and spontaneous scanning of the "To Eat" package.
> AND I must emphasize, at Level 3, it is very helpful for me to have help to
> dig into things like surgeries.
> Colleen
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