[TROM1] Here is a real Whopper!

Paul Tipon ptipon at proftitleserv.com
Sat Jan 7 01:18:46 UTC 2012

"This is excellent.  I had not thought through what happens when one  
wins a
game and commits an overt."

Thank you

Keep on TROMing

Hi Pete,

Yes and now the overt depends on how serious the overter believes his  
win is to the opponent.  Dennis says that the more serious  
(important), the greater the overt.  All the way down to not serious  
at all, where there is no overt even when you overwhelm.  One must  
recall that the overwhelm is a decision on the part of the opponent  
if you are the winner.  Likewise the motivator is also dependent on  
how serious you, the loser feels the loss is.  There is the situation  
where one could be motivator hungry and just a disconcerting look by  
an opponent is a justification for a motivator.  Now you can live the  
rest of your life hating anyone you choose regardless of what they  
did.  All it takes is a look that you don't like,  a look you can't  
have, a look you 'must' not have.

It's really a funny game to have them be silly games that are Oh, so  
serious.  Like David said earlier today and I paraphrased, 'Mind over  
Matter'.  Any and all games really don't have to be deadly serious.   
It's all a question of how much one can have and must not have.   Do  
you really think you will die or will you just have to come up with  
another identity(s).  Just consider, how many Trillion identities you  
have already had.  (NONE!  gimme a break.  How do you think your mind  
got put together?)  If you are here on Earth and can't remember any  
at all, then some where in the past there was an overt at the end.   
Maybe it was the last one that ended with an overt and a withhold, a  
withhold on past lives.  So you are now living with the lost ability  
to know that you have lived before and will live again.  The typical  
overt is the lie that you actually died.  You didn't of course, it  
was only the identity, the body.

Is one so weak that every action in their vicinity is taken by them  
as an overt or motivator?  The biggest being of all would be  
impervious to receiving an overt or a motivator no matter what the  
flow.  Think about that.  So what if all of his pieces got smashed  
and pounded into dust.  Is that the end of the being or can he create  
more and bigger better ones?

Ron says something about living a happy life as not causing what  
others cannot experience.  There is a corollary to that.  Don't you  
not be able to experience everything or you will not be able to live  
a happy life.

I think you will now have more to run using the Postulate Failure  
Chart, a entire track worth.  Just don't feel you have to run every  
single 'know' item.  Running every single item is not the EP.

Paul, Level 5 in progress.

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