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  This is excellent.  I had not thought through what happens when one wins a game and commits an overt.  

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>After a session I realized that the Postulate Failure Chart was a complete rendition of not only Postulate Failures but also of the set-up necessary for each leg to fail.  That set-up is the fact that each leg is a Games Condition trying to be won.
>Games Conditions cannot always be won.  When they are won, they are an overt and when they are lost they are a motivator.  That is easily seen in the chart.  Neither of these two conditions will lead to a successful and happy life.  Being that the Games Condition leads to overts and motivators, that then leads to O/W phenomenon.  It is only getting worse.  Now one is not only loosing in games, one is also on the downward spiral of doingness and being further incapable of using and applying one’s abilities.  One just looks like they have no ability at all to win, let alone survive.  One winds up destroying everything around one and destroying themselves as they continue on the path of becoming MEST, a rock, if you will.
>Another discovery was the factor that makes the Chart what it is.  That factor is that all postulates, both SD and PD are preceded by ‘Must’.  Looking at that those structures, that all have a ‘must’ in them, I realized that the ‘must’ is what makes the SD & PD postulates a Games Condition.  That use of ‘must’ places the postulates in a fixed condition.  It also ensures that the postulating party only has one path to take, only has one acceptable outcome.
>In the definition of Games Condition is the line, “… somebody’s power of choice has been subjugated against his will …”.  Now here is the real joke.  That somebody is himself.  And how else would that ‘somebody’ get out of this dwindling spiral but for that ‘somebody’ to do it for himself.  Only that would remedy will eliminate the Games Condition.
>Just a quick note, now one can see how importances get chopped to hell and vaporized into non-existence.  And, also the reason that RI is so, so important to run when TROMming.
>Finally, one can see that abilities never left, disappeared or vanished.  One just stops using them altogether as one is stuck in a Games Condition which leads to a heavy O/W case which leads to ‘not know’, stupidity, withholds and not doing anything, eventually the rock.
>Ultimately, TROMming eliminates those involuntary controls that determine one’s actions that reside in what is called the Mind.  It returns one to be able to make a choice on the spot.  Unstuck, un-must’ed un-involuntary self-determinism of any choice one wishes to make under the Sun, Moon and Stars.
>It then becomes important that one also take anything that comes up well beyond that and towards infinity.  One has to get out of the syndrome of not having, withholding this and that and especially withholding themselves for whatever reason.  This validates why my mocking up, any and every possible situation is of major benefit in running any and all of the exercises.  Withholds can be very insidious for they hide so many things that need to be looked at and they do it with the most silliest of flimsy excuses/justifiers.  That's horrible to look at, That's disgusting, That's evil, That's sick, it hurts just to think about it, just do not justify not getting your abilities and power of choice back.
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