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Hi Pete
No problem, I did a lot of equations, vectors, reading a slide rule, 
Logarithms, anti log at college when I was 18, although I have forgotten 
most of it, if I could understand it then I am sure I can learn it again.

I came across another not understood at the begining of the tape and that 
was "Inequation" so I have just reminded myself of that.

It's fun this you know,    I think:)

I can't wait till I understand those 4 legs properly, when I first studied 
them a few weeks ago, I thought, I know this, this is very familiar to me, 
this has happened to me a lot.

Although I haven't studied it much since, it seemed like this to me.
I start out with a creative idea, I make this known to someone else or other 
people, somehow from that cause point I become effect, my idea is taken over 
or altered in some way.

>From this effect point I move around to cause again but I am not really 
fully at cause because I have dropped down from the origional first cause 
point and then around it goes again.
I don't know if Dennis uses thr phrase "Dwindling spiral" but that is what 
came into my mind about these 4 legs.

Six months or a year from now I am going to look back and have a good laugh 
at all the struggles in understanding I am having now.

> Hi Mickel
>  It is fortunate that we don't have to be experts on Boolean algebra to
> understand what Dennis has presented in the theory of TROM.  Dennis only
> used the basic or beginners concepts of the algebra to show the
> relationships of the different legs of the games.
> Keep on TROMing
> Pete
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> Hi PeteThat is what I was after, I couldn't find it even though I googled
> it.
> It does not matter at the moment if I fully understand the definition in 
> the
> way it is explained on that page, I just needed to know if I should look 
> up
> the two searate words or if it had some other meaning.
> It would take me quite a while if ever to understand what it says there
> anyway.
> It's starting to get clearer anyway.
> I am studying the Theory section again at the moment, very interesting.
> Thanks
> Mike
>> Hi Mickel
>> The terms use in Boolean algebra have changed over the years.  My
>> understanding from reading TROM is that the common class of two classes 
>> of
>> objects is those objects that are members of both the parent classes. 
>> The
>> current term would be an "intersection" of classes per this wikipedia
>> article on Naive Set Theory.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naive_set_theory
>> I am not so sure of this that I would swear I am correct.  Read the
>> article
>> and what Dennis said again and let me know what you think.
>> Keep on TROMing
>> Pete
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