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Mickel mickel1234 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Aug 27 10:38:36 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone
Here are some wins and realisations from the last few days.

As you know Level One is the repair of importances and in the processes given I could understand "Create something" or "Bring something into Existence", I had no problem with those, that is easy, but "Create an Importance", just seemed odd to me, Do the creations I mock up have to be important I thought? I couldn't seem to understand why they had to have an importance.

Next I came across RI by perception where it is explained that physical universe objects have a degree of importance in them, Do they? I thought, that had never occurred to me before, that all these things around me have an importance but observing things about me I started to see that indeed they do, my latest computer for instance took me a long time before I could aquire it and it is important to me and as I looked around the room at various objects, where I lived, people and so on I started to see how this was true.

Now onto things in the mind:
The other day I wrote about how this toy, a blue dog I used to carry about with me all the time as a young child, I knew I was close to it and it had a meaning in my life at the time but I couldn't see any more than that and I lost interest in it, the penny hadn't dropped yet, meaning I didn't have a full understanding of why that item had come into my mind.

The next item that came up was in a dream, I was dreaming I was back living with my first real girlfriend, when I woke up I could feel the loss, the heartache, how I wished to be back there, how I have always wanted to freeze time, never wanting things to change.
The emotion and feeling from this dream pervaded my whole day and still the penny hadn't dopped.

The next day my mind was flooded with all these so called Spiritual experiences I have had in my life, OBEs, strange alien pictures, energy flows in millions of colours, odd phenomena like this, days when I felt this Oneness with the Universe and all this little life became as nothing.

And then the penny dropped, Importances, I am holding it all there in my mind, refusing to let it all go, all those people, happy times, bad times, experiences, I am holding onto it all, never wanting to forget it, it's all so precious to me.

And that was my big realisation my so called past is actually a long series of things that were important to me that I won't let go of.

Have I had any change from this realisation? all I can report is that I feel more stable, things look a little brighter and clearer, I feel more at cause instead of just feeling hopeless and having an attitude that nothing works for me, that I have actually got a tool in TROM that will work for me, the long search is over.

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