[TROM1] Win from "The Philosophy of TROM"

Pete McLaughlin reso65tv at verizon.net
Sun Aug 23 15:39:43 UTC 2009

Hi All
  In “The Philosophy of TROM” Dennis makes the great point that people have
forever been looking for the solution to problems of the mind in things
around and outside of themselves.

  My successes in recent months working at level 3 of TROM are due to my
consideration that I am a spiritual being and the mind and body are outside
of me, are not me.

  Further I meditate or hold the idea that my normal state as a spiritual
being is happiness and imperturbability and harmlessness toward everyone
therefore, anything that interrupts that state is not me but something I
need to ignore or time break.

This works marvelously well.  Anytime something comes up that disturbs my
tranquility I mentally grab it and realize it is not me and inspect it so I
can time break it.  Since I am doing this continuously, day and night, I am
finding many things to timebreak.

 My validation that it is working comes from my wife and children who are
commenting and asking what has changed to improve my attitude toward life.

Keep On TROMing


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