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Dear Jag,

Thank you for sharing.  I think it wonderful and I want to start doing 
something similar.



jag wrote:
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> hi to all Trommers,
> what we are facing now is how to make other person use trom for their  
> benfit.
> I introduced three friends to use Trom.It was a sunday morning and we  
> met in one of their house.I brought a copy for them of the theory.
> They started to read, i payed attention at the definition of the  
> words,at the understanding of  he material.Then we they started with  
> the exercise of level 1,
> the RI.I use this method.In the theory Dennis give the commands  
> "bring something into existence " and "have another to bring  
> something into existence".
> but he also says that if the command is hard for someone , "create  
> something" can be used.And has last chance " create an importance" is  
> also permitted.
> To give them the full idea of what to do , I asked them to start with  
> "create an importance" , and on a piece of paper I made them write   
> he word "me", then I asked them to write
> around them importances. then with the command "have another create  
> an importance". And one girl asked me if she could write about her  
> father.I said yes and she
> wroted lts of importances that the father had imposed on her in the  
> past.And after that she felt better.
> All the three were people that had never had an experience with  
> dealing with the mind in their past.That is the difficulty, how to  
> introduce new people to Trom.
> Other people are just scared to do something with the mind that they  
> don't want to talk at all about.
> The success for me was they experienced a going down of the mood  
> level at the beginning of the exercise,followed by a slight sense of  
> release at the end.
> We have to make people trust Trom,and its exercises.
> Well this my little experience,if someone else wants to share his  
> experience in bringing new people to Trom,that could help.
> Dennis has done his part, and I think our job is to make people use  
> Trom.
> good tromming,
> alessandro.
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