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Sat Aug 22 03:30:59 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing level 3 of Trom and wanted to share some of my insights that I have experienced. I know that sharing here of xp is not very active but I just feel like doing so. During the exercise of level 3 and looking at a 'present scene' and 'past scene' simultaneously I have come to observe the following: present time feels like a 'stream of time', a continues hummm of 'continue to be known' that keeps moving you forward. Conviction wise it gives you 'continues change', 'never resting', a notion of 'becoming', acting as a 'must be known/must know'. To me it almost seems to automatically be putting me in a state of 'compulsive gameplay'.

How do others experience this? I would love to receive some feedback.

Happy trommin'

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