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Thanks Pete!!!!

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Boy! This is like digging up buried treasure. 


I found the tape of Dennis talking about “The Creation of TROM”. I just
posted it at the http://www.tromhelp.com/supplemental_lectures_2


I also put together a 5 lecture series on the development of Bonding and
bond breaking which Dennis first calls Level 6 but later decides the
appropriate title is Level 5D of TROM. 

The bonding refers to the crazy solution of life’s problems where you
can only allow yourself two outcomes and both are bad.  As in: you must fight the bad
government and be crushed by their superior military or not fight and become
their slave. Any time you can see only two outcomes to a problem and they are
both bad you are stuck in a “double bind” and need to apply the tech of level


As usual download these lectures and make back up copies on CD-ROM’s and
give copies away to your friends.  Keep
in mind that we are the only people out of the 6 billions on planet earth that
have this material so it must be copied and saved in many locations to ensure
it does not disappear. 


Keep On TROMing 







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