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Really good suggestion Pete - once upon a time I actually did that for a living - transcription typist.

And this idea did run thru my brain  sometime yesterday I think it was & I actually considered how I would go with doing it - suffice to say, I can only now apply my brain & hands for short periods - but it may be possible if time is not an issue.

So, yes, I could commit to one lecture - which one is the shortest - ha ha!


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Hi everyone.

  I find I study a subject much more effectively if I work from a written transcript and can use my word processor to highlight, underline, add definitions of words and make footnotes. 


  It would be nice to have transcripts of these lectures by Dennis.  If you have time and would like to make a material contribution to TROM then find the free program called "Express Scribe" and download and install it on your computer.


This program allows you to play an mp3 file in slow forward so you can type up a transcript of what the lecturer is saying.  The program also lets you back up and replay a section to verify what you heard.


When you complete a transcript find someone proof read it while listening to the lecture then email it to me for inclusion at the www.tromhelp.com website.


Post an email at this mailing list of what lecture you are working on to eliminate duplication of effort.


Keep On TROMing




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