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Hi Leoncio,

Your summary is the best summary  that has been presented of TROM so 
far, that I have seen anyway.

Well  done.

For several days prior and this morning in my meditation I was thinking 
the same  thing as you posted on disease  that  was caused by  the/a  
charged  traumatic incident  some time prior to the manifestation of 
the disease.

Then I opened my mail and saw your post.

I think we maybe on to something very significant.



PS,  there were a couple of other  enlightening posts since then also.

On 8-Aug-09, at 12:29 AM, Leôncio Madruga wrote:

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> Hi Pete
> You are doing a great job keeping TROM list alive and renewed. 
>  Congratulations!
> Some years  ago there was a discussion on TROM list about End 
> Phenomena in TROM. This theme comes and goes from time to time.
>  From my point of view, TROM is just
> 1.       A method to vanish our charges.
> 2.       It has four main phases, labeled Level 2, 3, 4 and 5.
> 3.       Each phase has two steps: Digging and Vanishing.
> 4.       The Vanishing method is compound by the a lot of Timebreak + 
> a lot of RI.
> 5.       The digging method depends on the level
> a.       On level 2 the digging method is ‘choose one event without 
> charge’, and level 2 is a timebreak training level.
> b.      On level 3 the digging method is ‘remember  a charged scene or 
> people’, and you will discharge just the dischargeable scenes (the 
> others scenes, even more charged, will remain out of the 
> consciousness)
> c.       On level 4 the digging method is ‘remember a scene where you 
> felt …’ with 8 classes of overwhelms. Here you will do a deeper dig. 
> Those deeper scenes will not irrupt easily. You should try over and 
> over again, repeatedly.
> d.      On level 5 the digging method is ‘remember  a scene where you 
> felt …’ with 8 classes of overwhelms and with 8 classes of games. Here 
> you will dig really deeper, including those scenes with potential 
> losses (those risky games not ended by overwhelms).
> So, there is not precise End Phenomena. The frontiers between those 
> levels are too large. The perceptions of the charged scenes changes 
> every day , every time, and floats up and down every moment. The best 
> method is explained by Dennis: when you cannot remember any charged 
> scene using the chosen method, jump to the next. We can see this on 
> levels  4 and 5, when you jump to the next overwhelm class. The same 
> concept applies from level 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5. The key point is, 
> in my words: Remember a charged scene. If you do have one charged 
> scene (remembered or already in action) right now, right here, 
> timebrake it , before you get sicker. If you cannot remember for 
> enough time, then choose the next ( a deeper one) method for your 
> digging.
> Trommers are, in fact, the bravest people. To face  their problems 
> without a help (i.e. enforcement) from a doctor or psychologist, or 
> auditor requires a lot of courage, a lot of persistence and a lot of 
> discipline. However, sometimes even we are afraid to face our problems 
> and then we postpone our self-therapy with several excuses and 
> diseases.
> If you do have a disease now then you charged a new scene before your 
> disease began, and right now you do not remember that scene. Think 
> about your disease or symptom and look for an emotional cause for your 
> present disease, in some time before your disease began and timebreak 
> everything that comes up.
> Keep tromming
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