[TROM1] End Pheonomona of Level 3

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Hi David
  I had to reread the book many times before I could understand the level 5
chart and the to know material.  Re reading and re listening to what Dennis
says will help you become familiar with the details TROM and meanings of
words he uses and everything will eventually it will become understood.
All the reading I did is now paying off as I understand the Boolean algebra
and the X+(1-X)=1 formula etc that he is referring in these new supplemental
 Don't give up heart.  If you will persist it will become understandable and
when it does you will be amazed at how simple it is and how nicely is
explains the workings of life and this universe.

Keep on TROMing

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Hi Peter,

I want to thank you for posting this. It helps. We need more of this kind of

I still can't get through the "know cycle".

For one thing, how does it fit in with the SP/ PTS mechanism, where one is
only effect?

I am reading the book over again.

If I can't get my head wrapped around it, I will post again.

Maybe you can explain that in any event.

Thanks again.


On 7-Aug-09, at 2:41 PM, Pete McLaughlin wrote:
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<?fontfamily><?param Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Hi
<?fontfamily><?param Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Dennis Stephens listed some
specific end phenomena for level 3 that I am still working on

Arial><?x-tad-bigger>Dennis said:
<?/x-tad-bigger><?/fontfamily><?fontfamily><?param Times New
Roman><?x-tad-bigger>Here we go: During this Level, or the subsequent ones,
youll find yourself occupying a viewpoint exterior to your body in present
time; youll also find yourself occupying exterior viewpoints to the ones
you occupied at the time during the past scenes. All this is quite normal. A
being is natively capable of occupying any viewpoint he so desires in any
scene, whether then or now. This ability is returning to you. Very soon
youll be continuously operating your body in present time from a viewpoint
exterior to it - simply because its more comfortable and natural to do so.
(And youll do this despite the fact that science has conclusively proven
that the ego is nothing more than a figment of the

<?fontfamily><?param Times New
Times New Roman><?x-tad-bigger>Although the past will progressively vanish
during this Level, nothing is being lost except the enforcement to view it;
any part of your past that has been Timebroken can easily be brought back
into existence once more merely by desiring to view

<?fontfamily><?param Times New
Times New Roman><?x-tad-bigger>As you complete this Level you will get your
first preview of Nirvana. For the first time you will feel free of your
past, and no longer feel it pressing around you; the endless chatter of
the mind will at last be still, and youll be able to experience the
tranquility of utterly still beingness. Unless you actually recall something
your past will remain in a state of total vanishment. This, again, is as it
should be. If youve been connected to a skin galvanometer during your
exercises, the completion of Level Three will show the instrument now
sitting quite motionless at 12,500 ohms for a male, and 5,000 ohms for a
female. The needle is quite calm and lifeless. Indeed, from this point
onwards the skin galvanometer will never move much again. It has served its
purpose, and can now, if you wish, be discarded. Your perception of change
is now equal to or superior to that of the

<?fontfamily><?param Times New
Times New Roman><?x-tad-bigger>However, Nirvana is still a long way off. But
youve now got your feet a couple of rungs up the ladder, and know which
direction the ladder is taking you. Level Four will get you up another
couple of rungs, and give you an insight into how you ever managed to get a
mind in the first place.<?/x-tad-bigger><?/fontfamily>

<?fontfamily><?param Times New
Arial><?bigger><?bigger>If you do not have an emeter use a volt-ohm meter
you can get at radio shack to test your resistance. Use a couple of metal
cans or chromed brass sink drain pipes will work to wrap your hands around.
If your resistance is normal for you sex and you are feeling wonderful all
day then you have reached the end of level 3 and are ready for level

<?fontfamily><?param Times New
am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Dennis did not spend much time on how to run
level 3. He started developing TROM in order to finish the GPM processes
that he felt were incomplete from his auditing in Scientology. At that point
he was already a certified Clear and a Class 8 auditor, which means he had
all the auditing up to and including Class 8 auditing. He did not need to
run levels 2 and 3.<?/bigger><?/bigger><?/fontfamily>

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Some points to
<?fontfamily><?param Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Your Mind is a collection of
thoughts. The thoughts are creative as in decisions to be, do or have or not
be, do or have. Also your thoughts are in some cases in conflict with other
thoughts that YOU have. Level five charts these conflicts as though they are
with another person but both the postulate and the counter postulate are in
your mind. What your opponent is postulating is immaterial to your problem
of timebreaking the emotion and conflict in your mind.

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>(As you realize this you will it easier to ignore
others expectations of how you should behave or what you should be

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>At level 3 you are trying to find these conflicts
and pull them from your subconscious where you cannot see them, to your
conscious where you can see them and decide to let them go or release the
conflict or timebreak the memory of the conflict till it is unimportant so
you naturally let it go.<?/bigger><?/bigger><?/fontfamily>

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>How can you find these conflicts?

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>For the purposes of level three it is only the
conflicts that are currently in restimulation that you are concerned about.
You are after the easy to find upsets in you current life. As you go through
you daily routine you run into conflict with the people in your life and get
angry or griefy or fearful or apathetic. These emotions are the big red flag
saying here is something to timebreak. <?/bigger><?/bigger><?/fontfamily>

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>The conflict from your subconscious mind has just
been dragged halfway into view by the current situation that is similar to
it. Ask yourself what is going on here? What is causing this emotional
reaction to the now situation? What is the conflict in my mind about which I
have a strong emotional reaction that has just been
<?fontfamily><?param Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Coax this conflict into view as
much as you can and timebreak the incident. You may not get it all the first
time but that is alright. You have been having this problem for ages and it
will come up again. Take as much as you can get each time and eventually you
will get it all.<?/bigger><?/bigger><?/fontfamily>

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Do this all day every day. Dont wait till when
you get a chance or have some free time available do it all day long as
the situations arise. I have some very good wins where I woke during the
night and realized my dream was about a conflict in my day time job or
family relations. I timebreak it immediately and then go back to sleep. Do
it now is the best way to get to the end of level

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Repeat this process on the next upset that occurs
and the next and the next and eventually you will have eliminated all the
easy to get, always in restimulation, conflicts in your mind. You will then
find that your tone arm level or resistance is normal for your sex and you
are walking around happy and unperturbed all day. This is the end phenomena
for level 3.<?/bigger><?/bigger><?/fontfamily>

am Arial><?bigger><?bigger>Keep on

><?param Times New
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