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Hi Peter,

I want to thank you for posting this.  It helps.  We need more of this 
kind of data.

I still can't get through the "know cycle".

For one thing, how does it fit in with the SP/ PTS  mechanism, where 
one is only effect?

I am reading the book over again.

If I can't get my head wrapped around it, I will post again.

Maybe you can  explain that  in any event.

Thanks again.


On 7-Aug-09, at 2:41 PM, Pete McLaughlin wrote:

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> Hi All
>   Dennis Stephens listed some specific end phenomena for level 3 that 
> I am still working on reaching.
> Dennis said: “Here we go:  During this Level, or the subsequent ones, 
> you’ll find yourself occupying a viewpoint exterior to your body in 
> present time;  you’ll also find yourself occupying exterior viewpoints 
> to the ones you occupied at the time during the past scenes.  All this 
> is quite normal.  A being is natively capable of occupying any 
> viewpoint he so desires in any scene, whether ‘then’ or ‘now’.  This 
> ability is returning to you.  Very soon you’ll be continuously 
> operating your body in present time from a viewpoint exterior to it - 
> simply because its more comfortable and natural to do so. (And you’ll 
> do this despite the fact that science has conclusively proven that the 
> ‘ego’ is nothing more than a figment of the brain!)
> Although the past will progressively vanish during this Level, nothing 
> is being lost except the enforcement to view it;  any part of your 
> past that has been Timebroken can easily be brought back into 
> existence once more merely by desiring to view it.
> As you complete this Level you will get your first preview of 
> Nirvana.  For the first time you will feel free of your past, and no 
> longer feel it pressing around you;  the endless ‘chatter’ of the mind 
> will at last be still, and you’ll be able to experience the 
> tranquility of utterly still beingness.  Unless you actually recall 
> something your past will remain in a state of total vanishment.  This, 
> again, is as it should be.  If you’ve been connected to a skin 
> galvanometer during your exercises, the completion of Level Three will 
> show the instrument now sitting quite motionless at 12,500 ohms for a 
> male, and 5,000 ohms for a female.  The needle is quite calm and 
> lifeless.  Indeed, from this point onwards the skin galvanometer will 
> never move much again.  It has served its purpose, and can now, if you 
> wish, be discarded.  Your perception of change is now equal to or 
> superior to that of the instrument.
> However, Nirvana is still a long way off.  But you’ve now got your 
> feet a couple of rungs up the ladder, and know which direction the 
> ladder is taking you.  Level Four will get you up another couple of 
> rungs, and give you an insight into how you ever managed to get a mind 
> in the first place.”
> If you do not have an emeter use a volt-ohm meter you can get at radio 
> shack to test your resistance. Use a couple of metal cans or chromed 
> brass sink drain pipes will work to wrap your hands around.  If your 
> resistance is normal for you sex and you are feeling wonderful all day 
> then you have reached the end of level 3 and are ready for level 4.
> Dennis did not spend much time on how to run level 3.  He started 
> developing TROM in order to finish the GPM processes that he felt were 
> incomplete from his auditing in Scientology.  At that point he was 
> already a certified Clear and a Class 8 auditor, which means he had 
> all the auditing up to and including Class 8 auditing. He did not need 
> to run levels 2 and 3.
> Some points to consider.
>   Your “Mind” is a collection of thoughts.  The thoughts are creative 
> as in decisions to be, do or have or not be, do or have. Also your 
> thoughts are in some cases in conflict with other thoughts that YOU 
> have. Level five charts these conflicts as though they are with 
> another person but both the postulate and the counter postulate are in 
> your mind. What your opponent is postulating is immaterial to your 
> problem of timebreaking the emotion and conflict in your mind. 
> (As you realize this you will it easier to ignore others expectations 
> of how you should behave or what you should be doing.)
> At level 3 you are trying to find these conflicts and pull them from 
> your subconscious where you cannot see them, to your conscious where 
> you can see them and decide to let them go or release the conflict or 
> timebreak the memory of the conflict till it is unimportant so you 
> naturally let it go.
> How can you find these conflicts? 
> For the purposes of level three it is only the conflicts that are 
> currently in restimulation that you are concerned about.  You are 
> after the easy to find upsets in you current life.  As you go through 
> you daily routine you run into conflict with the people in your life 
> and get angry or griefy or fearful or apathetic.  These emotions are 
> the big red flag saying here is something to timebreak. 
> The conflict from your subconscious mind has just been dragged halfway 
> into view by the current situation that is similar to it.  Ask 
> yourself what is going on here?  What is causing this emotional 
> reaction to the now situation? What is the conflict in my mind about 
> which I have a strong emotional reaction that has just been 
> restimulated?
> Coax this conflict into view as much as you can and timebreak the 
> incident.  You may not get it all the first time but that is alright.  
> You have been having this problem for ages and it will come up again.  
> Take as much as you can get each time and eventually you will get it 
> all.
> Do this all day every day. Don’t wait till when you “get a chance” or 
> “have some free time available” do it all day long as the situations 
> arise. I have some very good wins where I woke during the night and 
> realized my dream was about a conflict in my day time job or family 
> relations.  I timebreak it immediately and then go back to sleep. Do 
> it now is the best way to get to the end of level 3.
> Repeat this process on the next upset that occurs and the next and the 
> next and eventually you will have eliminated all the easy to get, 
> always in restimulation, conflicts in your mind.  You will then find 
> that your tone arm level or resistance is normal for your sex and you 
> are walking around happy and unperturbed all day.  This is the end 
> phenomena for level 3.
> Keep on TROMming
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