[TROM1] A Replay

Ant Phillips ant.phillips at post8.tele.dk
Fri Aug 7 06:57:12 UTC 2009

At 16:06 06-08-2009, David Pelly wrote:
>The archives are somewhat confusing to me.

Yes, they need a bit of understanding. Familiarity may breed contempt 
(a rather poor saying), but familiarity certainly produces 
understanding - and the archives contain a good deal of TROM 
viewpoints. Amongst other things, why I did not continue with TROM 
(as self auditing), and comments etc. at the time of Dennis' death

>I only see the list go to 2004.

Correct. I was running the list at that time, and we changed the list 
server from one that was called Majordomo, to the present Mailman. 
Both of which I got the use of free (donation of Flemming Funch), 
neither of which included adverts (I have a "button" on adverts - I 
think offering free service in return for adverts of things that 
might be inferior products is not a good trend in present day society).

>Are there earlier archives?

No (at least so far as I know). Majordomo's archive were far worse. 
If you wanted them, you had to download a whole month :-(

However, I repeated the Replays about five to ten times, (and 
actually did add two or three of later years TROM list contributions) 
so you find all replays in the present Archives two or three times, I 
think. So the replays contain some (many) of the earliest TROM list 
items, which I got when I was not yet on Internet, but receiving them 
through an amateur network called FIDO, and if I remember correctly 
using DOS and not Windows.

I think Pru gets a big commendation star, for investigating the 
Archives and resending a relevant Replay. That one contains things 
sent to the first TROM list (on Internet) but received by me on FIDO 
with DOS operative system, which is why they look a bit "old fashioned" :-)

All best wishes,


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