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Thanks so much for pointing out that "replay" & "archive" function Ant - I
have just gone rummaging around & the first one (a Replay fr 1995) I found
posted a year ago was this & I thought it pertinent to the recent
discussions so I have included it ALL here (as even Marc's reply was also
most illuminating, well, for me anyway):

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Subj : Trom 5

Hello all,

I thought I would communicate how things are going on level 5. I guess I
have been doing level 5 now for about a month. My sense of time went out
the window midway through level 4, so I am not sure.

All has been superlative so far. I hold my postulates in place for about
a minute and a half before something huge blows, and then I spend an hour
or so doing RI. Not much has come up for me to time break, is that
unusual? Not that I am concerned since I am getting very large wins.

Doing level 2a I started to gain the ability to get in touch with
portions of my subconsciousness that I had not had waking access to
before. This is really just a sense of some other type of existence. I
went to sleep the other night with awareness of this existence and I had
a brief lucid dream. My dreaming awareness is not all that great so I am
not able to hold on to a lucid dream for very long before it fades.
Previously, though, I would just accidentally step into these dreams,
usually during afternoon naps. This time it occured at night and I am
sure it came about because of my new awareness gained from level 5.

I concur with Stephens about RI and level 5. It cannot be overstressed
how important RI is when this much mass is blowing. After my first
level 5 session, I was feeling so good that i decided to just enjoy it
for awhile and not worry about RI. I wound up with the worse headache,
toothache, back ache, etc. All of which were handled after doing some
RI. Are there many other people who run into this problem if they fail
to do adequate RI? I am very caught up in sensation in general, so such
somatics may be peculiar to beings who are similarly so.

Are there any other people out there who have gotten to level 5 and had
success while having only minimal scientology background (objectives or
less)? It seems like everyone on here so far has been OT, so what I
communicate may not be all that real. I am of the opinion that TROM fits
me very well. I can see how it may not be for everybody, and I think
that getting through some parts can be partly dependent on luck. Yet I
am moving along at a rapid pace that is constantly accelerating.

One more thing. I would like to add the book 'Seth Speaks' to the
required reading for TROMmers. It is quite helpful in alleviating the
games condition between you and your mind. It is also quite inspiring
for RI sessions. I am talking about the book in general, not the
excercises necessarily. I find that both the Church and much of the Free
Zone tend to be very confrontational with the mind. This books offers an
alternative wherein the mind and the subconscious are not really enemies,
just misunderstood allies.

I do think that TROM could be hell for somebody who jumps in with the
intention of beating his mind into submission with the tools provided.
The mind is not going to go away unless you accept it as-is with no
resistance (that sounds familiar). This does not imply being reasonable
with your mind. My succes with TROM may be partly due to gaining the
realization that I did not create my mind purely to cause myself pain.
Before I understood this, TROM was hell. Since then it has been a breeze.
My suggestion to beginners then is to not enter into levels 4 or 5 as
long as you still feel uncomfortable with your mind. The first 3 levels
are enough to raise a being to that level.

Sorry for rambling so.

Happy TROMming


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Subj : Re: Trom 5

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Subject: Re: Trom 5

On Thu, 9 Mar 1995 marcw at hp56.rbg.informatik.th-darmstadt.de
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 > Hi Dustin,
 > > have been doing level 5 now for about a month.  My sense of time went out
 > > the window midway through level 4, so I am not sure.
 > Time is an illusion anyway, so don't worry too much. :-)

And lunchtime doubly so. :-)

Actually, losing my sense of time is the clearest change that has occured
in me since I started TROM. It is a pleasant change. I have not lost my
memory in any way, in fact my memory is much improved. It is the
ordering of past events that has left. My entire past can be found in
the same 'place'. The sequential ordering that used to be done
automatically by my mind is gone. What happened this morning and what
happened last week are not be put in the proper order without my
conscious intention to do so. This makes for many interesting
conversations with my wife. :)

 > > I am of the opinion that TROM fits
 > > me very well.  I can see how it may not be for everybody, and I think
 > > that getting through some parts can be partly dependent on luck.  Yet I
 > > am moving along at a rapid pace that is constantly accelerating.
 > That's interesting. Can you eloborate a bit more on what parts you mean?

It seems to me that there is a great deal of ambiguity in the precise
methods to be used in TROM exercises, thus there is much that is left to
be interpreted. How I have interpreted things, however, has proved to
always move me in the proper direction, and I know this has not been the
case with everyone who has tried it. Calling this luck may not be proper,
depending on your definition of luck. I basically use the word luck to
refer to making things go right without any conscious effort.

Another reason TROM may work for me is the state of mind with which I
approached it. I was never trying to have anything 'handled'. I was
already very happy with myself. I had no insecurities or aberrative
behaviors which concerned me in anyway. My only goal in doing TROM was
to become free. That goal was and is very real to me. I think that this
is an ideal way to approach TROM.
 > Best wishes,
 > Marc
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