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Pru Joy pru.joy at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 23:53:38 UTC 2009

Hi David,

I was interested to read that you suffer from significant "fatigue" as I do
also.  (I was diagnosed as having "Fibromyalgia" about 2 years ago.)

I got up to Level 5 on TROM but then found that I really needed to remedy my
brain function before I could really "do it justice" as per concentrating.

It was around this time that Rudolph Eder sent me a Freezone Earth link to
TROM to clarify as to whether I was really "sessionable" - see pertinent
excerpt below:



There is a short list of "Do’s and Don’ts" to guide you on your way. You
ignore them at your peril.
 1. Don’t attempt the exercises while your body is tired, hungry, suffering
from disease or dietary deficiency, or while under the influence of drugs or
medication (including alcohol).  2. The exercises are done with the bodys’
eyes open at all times.  3. Do the exercises alone, away from interruptions
or distractions.
(Here's the actual link:  FZE

The point that stood out to me was obviously #1 - I was stunned - I had
NEVER read this when reading through the whole of the TROM manuscript as per
Pete's website - maybe I missed it somehow (I'll have to go back & check if
it is there somewhere).

Of course that excludes me from conducting the TROM exercises - JUST as I
was excluded from receiving auditing in the CofS for the same reasons
(although their original point of exclusion was having been treated by a
psychiatrist & hence an "Illegal PC").

So perhaps you also would be excluded as per "being tired & suffering from a
disease" - just a thought.

And, oh yes, I haven't continued TROM since that revelation.

ps - I am very glad however that I took up Transcendental Meditation as a
"remedy" for my brain function - I continue to experience tangible gains
from meditating twice daily for the past 4 months - PLUS it doesn't
"exclude" me for ANY CONDITIONS maybe because it is NOT using the mind at
all - it is "resting" the mind.[?]
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