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Hi Terrence
  Lets start with why we run RI.  A being who feels he is lacking in games
to play or things to have will pull to himself anything he can find to
satisfy the need to have things and to have things to do.  Unfortunately
this frequently means he pulls in the unhappy games he has lost and obsesses
over them which carries him down the tone scale to match the incidents he
has restimulated.
  To push these unpleasant losses away he can create some pleasant things.
Creating many pleasant things that are important or interesting or fun to
himself will decrease the importance of the unpleasant things so they will
stop causing him to be down tone.
  The idea then is for you to think of things you enjoy.  This is whatever
you personally enjoy and will be different for anyone else running the same

 Also, Repair of Importance is an exercise in your 4 abilities as a being.
	1. bring something into existence
	2. take something out of existence
	3. know something
	4. not know something.
 Taking something out of existence and not knowing both occur when you put
you attention on the next command so doing the two step Repair of Importance
increases your ability and certainty at doing your basic abilities as a
spiritual being.

To be specific I have tried making Apple Pies, gold bricks and metal turning
lathes.  When I got bored with non moving objects I started make planets
with molten cores, volcano's, oceans, mountains, valleys with forests,
weather etc.  Then I would take a walk through the landscape.  I have heard
from others that created audiences of admiring people and L Ron Hubbard had
a process where he had the PC create atomic explosions and then have others
lob atomic bombs at the PC so they exploded al around the PC.
  Create what you find fun and interesting and have the other create things
you find fun and interesting and this will work well.


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Hello, I'm very lost on the RI commands:

a) Bring something into existence

this is supposed to produce change. I dont understand. am I supposed to
materialize something out of thin air? visualize something?

b) have another bring something into existence?

what other? There is no one here but me.

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