[TROM1] Postulate Failure Cycle - Step 2

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Yes, I do not understand that chart at all. The far right 3 columns
have no label above them.

I understand that the Time Track runs from 8 to 1. And "8A" is
position 1 in the cycle discussed just prior to the chart.

So we see that we start with an effect that must be known and
SELF/ORIGIN has that. Then the opponent's postulate is OTHERS/RECEIPT
(must not know). but then we see "Game", "Game", "Game" in the far
right 3 columns.

But below you mention 4 outcomes. How does one calculate the
transition from this first Step in the game to the next step based on
what happened in this step?

And what exactly is "8B" - it looks like a harmonious non-conflicting
non-game condition.

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> Terrance
>   Good questions.
>   When you get to the postulate failure chart you will find that for
> each pair of postulates there are 4 conditions.
> A overwhelms B and the game ends
> A is trying to overwhelm B and the game is still in play
> B is trying to overwhelm A and the game is still in play
> B is overwhelmed by A and the game ends.
> Now add to that "not all games lost are a total overwhelm for A" and
> with only a small loss of enthusiasm he can play the game again.
> The girls I tried to ignore this lifetime have either persisted in
> trying to get my attention or called me some unfriendly name and moved
> on the another guy and tried to get him to notice her.
> Seldom is a game played once and then given up as a complete
> overwhelming impossibility.
> Pete
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> Let's continue our example of the girl in library with the pencil.
> Step 1: girl postulates must know on effect (dropped pencil). boy
> postulates (must not know) on same effect
> Step 2: girl becomes convinced of boy's postulate. Now, according to
> the text: """If (1) fails she will adopt the PD postulate of (4), and
> will move from leg (1) to leg (2) regarding the effect. She has now
> left the old game, and is confronted with a new opponent, (3), who is
> endeavoring to know the effect."""
> So the girl has left must know. And is convinced of the boy's
> conviction. Now she adopts the postulate "Must know" (2) and is
> confronted with a _new_ opponent (???). And this is where I get
> confused:
> ** practically, what is the girl now postulating
> ** "new opponent" does not mean a new person does it?
> ** please rewrite Step 2 using our girl and boy in library example.
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