[TROM1] convincing opponent that effect should be known

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Excellent you are getting the idea.
  These games are happening around you all the time as the smallest
interactions between yourself and others on up to interactions between
large groups like states where they create effects on each like war or
refuse to accept effects by cutting diplomatic relations or erecting
walls to keep out the foreigners.

Good TROMMing

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Thank you. I missed an important word in the discussion -
"endeavouring" --- it's not a game of seeing whether the pencil is
there or not. It's a game of me postulating must not know and the girl
is postulating must be known.

Of course, in real life, I would be the one dropping the pencil and
the opponent would be ignoring me :)

And  even with my example, someone could play the must not know game
with me. When I say "hey, look at that white dog" ... my opponent
could say "oh my god! someone's breaking into that house!" and run off
instead of acknowledging the existence of the dog.

And this could lead to personal trauma on my part - no one ever
listens to me! everything else is so much more important! I dont have
any say-so in the world!

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