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Hi Terrance
 Welcome to the TROM list and to TROMMING.
 You raise a lot of interesting questions about TROM.  I also found the
book confusing to begin with.
  My solution was to put the book into a word file and add footnotes to
any words I had questions about.  I looked up many definitions in the
Tech dictionary and in online dictionaries like dictionary.com and added
these to the words I was confused about and continued reading.
  I am on my 12th read through now and have a much better understanding
of what Mr. Stephen is saying.  My understanding is still not complete
as I still get cognitions on re-reading.
  I started running the level 2 process about the third time through the
book and alternate with reading and auditing currently.

Good luck in your studies, I know you will find them fascinating.


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