[TROM1] "not-know" - "postulate"

Theta Quest metaperl.fz101 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 08:57:58 UTC 2008

The 4th ability of life is to not-know. The techdict has a few
definitions of not-know:

NOT KNOW, 1. trying not to remember. (FOT, p. 84) 2 . an actual ability to "not
know" is an ability to erase by self-command the past without suppressing it
with energy or going into any other method. (PAB 87) 3 . in its most extreme
manifestation is unconsciousness. Not-know in a lesser manifestation is death.
The most extreme manifestation is when a person cannot go unconscious and we
call that insanity. (SH Spec 15X, 6106C15)

I'm guessing that definition #2 is what we Stephens means. And we need
to be clear on "erase" - erase means to knock the charge out of a
facsimile it doesnt mean that you can no longer recall the facsimile.
I'm being loose here instead of following the techdict because the
definition of erase relates to "engram" which has 10 or more

Next we read: "These actions are accomplished by postulates. A
postulate is a causative consideration." --- unfortunately the
techdict's first two definitions of consideration contain the word
postulate, so we are running in circles with no way to understand what
this sentence even means. And the 3rd definition is just places
"consideration" at a certain ranking...

CONSIDERATION, 1 . a thought, a postulate about something. (BTB 1 Dec 71R
IV) 2. a consideration is a continuing postulate. (5702C26) 3 . the highest
capability of life, taking rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.
(COHA Gloss)

So having seen the word "postulate" thrown around, my guess is that a
postulate is a way of thinking that something is true such that it
becomes true. E.g. I postulate that i will have a girlfriend with long
black hair and then 2 weeks later it happens.

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